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SRV Group Plc: Managers` Transactions

Person subject to the notification requirement
Name: Kokkila, Ilpo  
Position: Member of the Board/Deputy member
Initial Notification  
Reference number: 743700GB29FXC0VXF414_20161222100445_4
Name: SRV Oyj
LEI: 743700GB29FXC0VXF414
Transaction details
Transaction date: 2016-12-22
Nature of the transaction: Disposal
Instrument: Share
ISIN: FI0009015309
Volume: 6494422
Unit price: 0,64000 Euro
Volume: 6494422
Unit price: 0,64000 Euro
Aggregated transactions
Volume: 12988844
Volume weighted average price: 0.64000 Euro

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