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SRV changing its apartment pricing – apartments less expensive without housing corporation loan

SRV changing its apartment pricing – apartments less expensive without housing corporation loan


SRV is changing the pricing of its apartments and in the future will offer two different prices for all apartments sold on the consumer market during advance marketing.

Customers can buy their home several per cent lower than the normal price. In such cases, a participation in a housing corporation loan will not be allocated to the apartment; customers will pay the whole debt-free selling price of the apartment according to the progress of construction. Customers may also buy their home in the traditional way, in which case they will only pay SRV the selling price according to the progress of construction.

SRV’s price reform is aimed at giving customers more options to choose from and at the same time increasing the number of SRV apartments being built.

“When customers reserve an apartment before the end of advance marketing, they can select from two different ways of buying the apartment: with or without a housing corporation loan. When customers buy an apartment without a housing corporation loan, the debt-free selling price of the apartment is less expensive than with a housing corporation loan,” explains Antero Nuutinen, Senior Vice President, Housing in Finland.

In the new housing market in Finland, it has long been the practice that a new apartment can be bought at a selling price that has typically been around 30-40 per cent of the total price of the apartment. In such cases, the apartment developer has handled the apartment’s housing corporation loan through RS lending. The buyer, in turn, has repaid the housing corporation loan by paying a capital charge.

“We wanted to listen to customers and give them more options to choose from. We have already involved residents in the planning of our apartments, and now we have started to think about how we can also improve the pricing of apartments, particularly from the perspective of apartment buyers,” says Anna Tapio, Sales and Marketing Director.

SRV’s goal is to increase the share of revenue accounted by housing construction from the present level of 34 per cent. Due to banks’ capital adequacy rules, the new pricing may affect the risk weights of RS loans granted to construction firms, which might lead to the risk weights rising from their present level in the next few years.

“In the short term, RS lending has become an even greater bottleneck than the availability of building land. In SRV, we believe that demand for our apartments will also continue to grow in the future, and to ensure the smooth functioning of the market new options are needed for the financing of apartments,” concludes Nuutinen.


For further information, please contact:

Antero Nuutinen, SVP, Housing in Finland, +358 40 531 4918,
Anna Tapio, Sales and Marketing Director, +358 40 717 1051,
Tiina Niemi, Communications Manager, tel. +358 40 502 7549,


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