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SRV builds a hotel tower for Sokotel Oy

SRV will start construction works for a new hotel tower to Tampere city center at the beginning of November. The new hotel next to Tampere railway station will be built for mutual pension company Pension Fennia and the hotel operator will be Sokotel Oy, a subsidiary of SOK group. Value of the project is approximately 50 million euros. Project partners signed the contract on Friday 28 September.

“Demanding project in the heart of the city fits well in SRV’s profile. We have a strong experience on both hotel and high rise construction projects. Among others, we have built Flamingo entertainment centre to Vantaa and Radisson Blu hotel to Tallinn. In Helsinki metropolitan area, we are also starting several extensive high rise and tower building projects”, says SRV Vice President Juha Pekka Ojala.

The long planned hotel will have total of 27 floors, 25 of which above ground. In addition to approximately 300 rooms, versatile restaurant and conference premises will be built to the site.

Construction works will be carried out by SRV Group’s Pirkanmaa office. Project will have significant positive effects on employment in Tampere region: during the construction period, directly or indirectly, approximately 700 person-years.

Further information:

Executive Vice President Juha Pekka Ojala, +358 040 7334173,

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