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SRV builds a car house for Inchcape Motors Finland Oy in Tallinn

SRV builds a car house for Inchcape Motors Finland Oy in Tallinn                

SRV International Oy has signed a contract with the Inchcape Motors Finland Oy  
for the construction of the new Inchcape's business premises in Tallinn.        
The contract comprises design and construction of the full service auto house on
a turnkey basis. SRV carries out the project as a project management contractor.

The business premises will be built on two levels and will contain sales        
premises for new and used cars, car body repair shop, maintenance workshop,     
storage space and office premises as well as a rest room for the employees. On  
the upper floor, there will be an open air car park. The total area of the car  
house is about 7 000 sq. m.                                                     

The design works have already started and the construction will begin in late   
summer. The project is estimated to be completed by the end of May 2008.        

SRV Russia is a part of SRV Group and operates as a real estate developer and a 
project management contractor in the Baltic countries and Russia. SRV           
International specialises in the development and construction of commercial     
premises, offices, hotels, and various industrial and logistics facilities. SRV 
offers a wide range of services, which cover land acquisition, financing,       
designing and construction according to the project management model.           

Inchcape is a leading independent, international automotive distributor and     
retailer company and it operates over 20 countries and employs over 10 000      
persons. Inchcape Motors Finland Oy with distribution and retail of Mazda,      
Jaguar and Land Rover in Finland represents these brands in Estonia, Latvia and 
Lithuania as well. Inchcape has a determined vision to become the world's most  
customer-centric car retailing group.                                           

For further information please contact:                                         

Juha Metsäntähti, Project Director                                              
SRV International Oy                                                            
mobile +358 40 505 6371                                                         

Klaus Sundström, Retail Director                                                
Inchcape Motors Finland Oy                                                      
mobile +358 40 770 4358

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