SHARE ACQUISITIONS                        22/10/2009         
In the Helsinki Stock Exchange          
Trade date                                22/10/2009          
Bourse trade                              Buy                 
Share                                     SRV1V               
Amount                                    3,370          shares      
Total cost                                18,605.10      EUR         
Average price / share                     5,5208         EUR         
Highest price / share                     5,55           EUR
Lowest price / share                      5.47           EUR         
SRV Group Plc now holds                   1,000,000      shares      
including the shares acquired on          22/10/2009          
On behalf of SRV Group Plc         

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (Publ)

Mika Koskinen                             Jari Vikstrom

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