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REDI’s horizon sauna will lift sauna-bathers to 100 metres


REDI’s horizon sauna will lift sauna-bathers to 100 metres

At the end of September, SRV will offer sauna-bathers an opportunity to enjoy Finland’s highest sauna, lifting them by crane to a height of nearly 100 metres beside the urban centre REDI construction site, located at Kalasatama, Helsinki.

The sauna times for the horizon sauna will take place in the period 25 September-1 October, and places will be allocated in a prize draw among all those inspired to try the high sauna-bathing experience. The competition, which will be launched on Thursday, 14 September, can be entered at the address There will be approximately 35 sauna times during the week, and the crane will haul nearly 300 sauna-bathers above Kalasatama, Helsinki during Finland’s highest sauna event. The container sauna can accommodate at one time three sauna-bathers who are unafraid of heights.

SRV is currently building at Kalasatama the new urban centre REDI, which will consist of a shopping centre, due to open in September 2018, eight tower buildings and an underground car park. The first of the tower buildings to completed will be the 132-metre high residential tower Majakka, whose shared sauna facilities will be located at a height of around 120 metres.

“The horizon sauna is a good way to illustrate how high Majakka’s sauna will really be. At the same time, through the views opening out from the sauna, we want to stimulate discussion about the development of cities. Examples of this are the Kalasatama area visible from the horizon sauna as well as the increasingly commonplace high-rise construction,” says SRV’s President & CEO, Juha Pekka Ojala.

REDI will be an urban centre unlike any other in Finland. REDI as a whole will offer a completely new way of living in the city, in the vicinity of nature and next to excellent transport links. When complete, Majakka will be Finland’s tallest residential building, offering for its residents completely unique experiences both of high-rise living and entirely new residential services for Finland.

“Together with city residents, we are creating at REDI a cluster of urban culture. The horizon sauna is only a foretaste of everything that REDI will have to offer. Additional experiential encounters are promised,” says SRV’s Sales and Marketing Director, Anna Tapio, who is responsible for marketing REDI’s residential units.

The horizon sauna is part of the REDI ‘work in progress’ series of events. The next encounter will draw on the urban centre’s activities, which will include numerous restaurants, new movie theatres, a flight simulator, a climbing wall and a 7D cinema.

REDI, implemented by SRV at Kalasatama, Helsinki, will comprise the inner city’s largest shopping and experience centre as well as eight tower buildings. Below the centre will be a 2,000-space parking facility, usable by both the towers’ residents and the shopping centre’s customers. Construction work at REDI, Finland’s largest urban construction project, was launched in spring 2015 and is expected to continue until 2023. The shopping centre will open as a complete unit in autumn 2018.

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Anna Tapio, Sales and Marketing Director, SRV, +358 44 501 0210

Tiina Niemi, Communications Manager, SRV, tel. +358 40 502 7549


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