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REDI shopping centre café and restaurant premises fully reserved

REDI shopping centre café and restaurant premises fully reserved

The café and restaurant premises of the REDI shopping and experience centre, which will open at Kalasatama, Helsinki in 2018, have found tenants very quickly. The shopping centre’s 38 restaurants, cafés, bars and take-away points, representing a total of 3,500 customer places, have already been reserved.

According to REDI Leasing Manager Jonna Majanen, companies particularly value the shopping centre’s central location, good transport links and large customer streams.

“Experiences will be important in REDI. That’s why we wanted to include quality, trendy, even surprising restaurants. No two places will be the same. Enthusiastic, bold restaurant entrepreneurs with great ideas are coming to REDI. Among them are restaurateurs with experience of the cuisines of different countries,” explains Majanen.

REDI, scheduled to open in 2018 next to Finland’s most densely populated area, will have around 60,000 people living in its direct proximity, and its entire area of influence will have over 500,000 people, a third of the residents of Greater Helsinki. REDI is located at the intersection of three large highways, and the metro will stop 500 times a day on the third floor of the shopping centre. There are 45,000 jobs within a ten-minute walk of the centre.

An innovative feature of REDI’s restaurant provision is a “fast-casual dining area”: ten restaurants side-by-side, offering dishes to suit all tastes. Each restaurant in the area will have at its disposal around 100 square metres of hall and kitchen facilities. In the restaurants, there will be a strong emphasis on street food. REDI’s normal restaurant and entertainment world, open until late in the evening, will operate on three floors, linked to each other by elevators and escalators.

Of the REDI shopping centre’s leasable commercial floor area, nearly 40% has a final or preliminary lease agreement. Including final and preliminary agreements, active negotiations are under way on 85% of the leasable commercial floor area. The shopping centre will have around 200 stores, including experiential and restaurant services. In its first full year of operation, the shopping centre is expected to receive 12 million visitors.

REDI, implemented by SRV at Kalasatama, Helsinki, will consist of the inner city’s largest shopping and experience centre, six residential towers, and hotel and office towers. Kalasatama metro station will be located on the shopping centre’s third floor, in addition to which there will be bus stops next to REDI. Below the centre will be a 2,000-space parking facility, usable by both the towers’ residents and the shopping centre’s customers. REDI’s popularity is not restricted to its restaurant facilities. Of the first residential tower Majakka’s 283 apartments, more than 200 apartments have already been reserved during the first pre-marketing period. Construction work at REDI, Finland’s largest urban construction project, was launched in spring 2015 and is expected to continue until 2023.

Further information:
Jonna Majanen, Leasing Manager, REDI by SRV, tel. +358 45 110 8802,
Pia Svensk, Director of Retail Concepts, REDI by SRV, tel. +358 50 389 0569,
Heli Pulkkinen, Communications Specialist, tel. +358 50 411 0787,

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