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Kalasatama traffic detour arrangements to be removed


The temporary detour arrangements on the Itäväylä highway and Hermannin rantatie required by construction work at the REDI site at Kalasatama, Helsinki, will be removed on 1 September 2017 from 23.45 p.m. All vehicle traffic travelling on Itäväylä will begin to travel along Itäväylä, restored to its former location, and Hermannin rantatie will be opened to traffic. With the removal of the detour arrangements, vehicle traffic travelling from the city centre and Pasila will return to its former location along Itäväylä, and Hermannin rantatie will again be open to traffic travelling towards the city centre and the north (in the direction of Lahti).

There will also be changes to bus stops in the Kalasatama area. Information on these changes can be found, for example, on the Helsinki Regional Transport (HSL) website.

The cycling and pedestrian routes running from the Kulosaari bridge to southern and northern parts of Kalasatama will remain as now until spring 2018. Changes may be made to cycling and pedestrian routes due to intense construction activity at Kalasatama.

The Itäväylä highway will run in a covered space at the REDI construction site in Kalasatama. During the autumn, traffic may be stopped at the site now and then to due construction work, but the interruptions will be short. 

Maps showing the traffic arrangements can be found on the SRV website, at the address: 

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Itäväylä and Hermannin rantatie to return to their former routes at Kalasatama
Itäväylä vehicle traffic to Pasila to return to former route at Kalasatama


REDI, implemented by SRV at Kalasatama, Helsinki, will comprise the inner city’s largest shopping and experience centre as well as eight tower buildings. Below the centre will be a 2,000-space parking facility, usable by both the towers’ residents and the shopping centre’s customers. Construction work at REDI, Finland’s largest urban construction project, was launched in spring 2015 and is expected to continue until 2023. The shopping centre will open as a complete unit in autumn 2018. 

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