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Helsinki City Theatre opens its doors on Eläintarhalahti after full renovation by SRV

SRV GROUP PLC     PRESS RELEASE    29 MAY 2017, 13.00


Helsinki City Theatre opens its doors on Eläintarhalahti after full renovation by SRV

The extensive renovation of the Helsinki City Theatre, begun in June 2015 by SRV, has now been completed. The technical building systems designed by architect Timo Penttilä have been comprehensively modernised, while respecting the spirit of the protected building. About to turn 50, this architectural jewel of the theatre will open to the public in August 2017.

The basic idea behind the renovation was to maintain the original feel of the building, which was completed in 1967 and given protected status in spring 2015. The protected public and staff facilities were restored, while taking account of Timo Penttilä’s original designs in features such as the upholstery of the auditorium seating and the choices of full carpeting in the foyer. The client of the renovation was the Premises Centre of the City of Helsinki’s Real Estate Department.

“We wanted to maintain the original atmosphere of the 50-year-old theatre. All wooden items, marble surfaces and foyer furniture have been maintained in their original form, being cleaned and restored with great care, while the lighting, which dated back to the 60s, has been replaced with LED lights. The stage equipment has been updated to the level of the theatres of Broadway in New York and the West End in London,” says Keijo Koli, who was in charge of the renovation project.

“The Helsinki City Theatre is a cultural and architectural landmark whose facilities were modernised during the renovation by a large team of professionals, with 340 on site during the busiest times. A total of 2,027 employees became familiar with the site during the renovation,” says Antti Raunemaa, Production Director at SRV.

The audience’s comfort has been improved by increasing the number of public toilets, improving accessibility and enhancing the signage for people with visual and hearing impairments. Digital displays have been installed in the foyer and the signage has been renewed. The rentable meeting rooms built into the balcony foyer of the main stage are also new. The new façade lighting, which adjusts to the season and time of day, will make the City Theatre a more prominent part of Helsinki’s cityscape.

The staff moved back into the newly renovated premises at the beginning of May and the building will open to the public in August. The musical, Myrskyluodon Maija, will be staged in celebration of the theatre building’s 50th anniversary.


Additional information:

Keijo Koli, Project Manager, +358 50 555 1363
Antti Raunemaa, Production Director, SRV, +358 40 564 4105
Pilvi Aalto, Communications Planner, SRV, +358 40 632 5505
Kaisa Pelkonen, Communications Manager, Helsinki City Theatre, +358 40 552 3788

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