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Foundation stone to be laid at Tampere Region’s largest construction project

Foundation stone to be laid at Tampere Region’s largest construction project

The construction of what is currently Tampere Region’s largest construction project, namely the Tampere University Hospital (Tays) front yard, is progressing well, and the foundation stone will be laid at the project on 24 May. The project, launched in August 2015, is the largest construction project in the Pirkanmaa Hospital District’s history, and is SRV’s all-time largest project management contracting assignment to date in which the company is not itself acting as a provider of financing. Directly and indirectly, the project will bring over 3,000 person-years of work to Tampere Region.

“The Tays front yard project represents demanding special construction. The project has more extensive than usual contracting content, because we are responsible not only for structural engineering but also for building systems, which also calls for wide-ranging expertise in hospital construction and hospital systems from SRV’s project personnel. An important factor in the construction is taking occupational health and safety as well as environmental impacts into account. Work at the site has advanced safely, and in the future, too, continuous attention will be paid to safety and the environment. The project’s own website has served as an excellent channel and tool for giving due attention to environmental impacts,” says Project Director Saku Kosonen of SRV.

 Construction of the front yard differs from many construction projects particularly with respect to planning. Construction was preceded by years of careful planning, in which careful consideration was given to the various functions to be located in the premises as well as patients’ needs and future healthcare trends. Patient-care staff have participated in the planning from the very start. Virtual reality systems, for example, have been utilised, enabling staff to view three-dimensional modelling of the floor plans.

“Functional design as large-scale as this has not been done before in other similar projects”, says Isto Nordback, Tays’s Director of Development.

New life centre and high-technology

Three new buildings and an underground parking facility will be built at the Tays front yard. N building, which will be completed in two years, will house nearly all cardiac-patient services and care as well as the latest medical expertise.

D building, which will contain a number of units, will be taken into use at the beginning of 2020. The building will mean, for example, more convenient arrangements for families, because prenatal, obstetric and neonatal care will be located side by side in a new life centre. D building will also bring together vascular surgery and interventional radiology expertise under one roof, forming a new business model and unit unique in the Nordic countries.

In the future L building will be centralised nearly all services for children and young people, and both physical illnesses and psychological problems will be treated there, either as outpatient or inpatient care. The new facilities will provide families with the opportunity to participate more comprehensively in the treatment of children and young people, as there will be more space available for them.

Further information:
Saku Kosonen, SRV, Project Director, +358 40 549 1221,
Päivi Kauhanen, SRV, SVP, Communications, +358 50 598 9560,
Isto Nordback, Pirkanmaa Hospital District, Director of Development, +358 50 591 1458,

Media representative, would you like to visit the Tays front yard site or the hospital renovation project?
You are most welcome to attend the foundation stone laying ceremony on Tuesday, 24 May at 2.00 p.m. Guidance to the ceremony location will take place from floor 00 in the elevator lobby of TAYS B building from 1.30 p.m.
Access to view the site and the hospital construction, which is making rapid progress, can be arranged on request. Requests for site visits and registration for the foundation stone laying ceremony:
Tiina Tanni, Pirkanmaa Hospital District, Director of Communications, +358 50 360 5605,
Anni Vähälä, Pirkanmaa Hospital District, Communications Officer, +358 46 921 6225,

Tays front yard Project
– The Tampere University Hospital front yard will receive three new buildings – N, D and L – and an underground parking facility.
– SRV Rakennus Oy is the main contractor and Rakennuttajatoimisto HTJ Oy is the developer consultant. Construction work began on 17 August 2015. The buildings will be completed and taken into use in stages from 2018 to 2020.
– The site is currently employing about one hundred people. The site will expand and the workforce will grow as 2016 progresses.
– The estimated cost of the new D and L buildings as well as the general infrastructure immediately adjacent to them is approximately EUR 170 million, and it will be financed by Pirkanmaa Hospital District. The cost estimate for N building is just over EUR 30 million, and it will be financed by Tays Sydänkeskus Oy. The cost estimate for the parking facility is approximately EUR 25 million. It will be financed by Tays Pysäkointi Oy and those who park in the facility.

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