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Decision of Helsinki Court of Appeal favourable to SRV

Helsinki Court of Appeal has today announced its decision on the dispute between
SRV Viitoset Oy (now SRV Business Premises Ltd), which belongs to SRV Group, and
F-Secure Corporation. The dispute is about the interior works done during the   
construction and if they are covered by the original rental agreement.          
Helsinki Court of Appeal did not revise the decision by Helsinki District Court,
which stated that the construction work is not covered by the original rental   
agreement. According to the Court decision F-Secure is sentenced to pay         
according to SRV's demand EUR 793 230.53 and the costs of the trial plus        
interest to SRV                                                                 

The financial impact pursuant to the decision on SRV's operating profit is about
EUR 0.7 million and about EUR 1.2 million on profit before taxes, if the        
decision remains valid.                                                         

SRV Group Plc                                                                   
Eero Heliövaara                                                                 
President and CEO                                                               

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