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Construction begins on the new Main Police Station and Prison in Ruskonselkä, Oulu


Construction begins on the new Main Police Station and Prison in Ruskonselkä, Oulu

SRV and Senate Properties have agreed to initiate the implementation phase of the Oulu Main Police Station and Oulu Prison. The new building will be implemented under a spearhead alliance project model, and the total cost estimate is around EUR 130 million, of which the value of SRV’s contract is around EUR 107 million. This is the first joint project in Finland to build a police station and prison on the same plot of land. The construction planning phase will begin in autumn 2022. The main police station will be completed by the end of 2024, and the prison will be completed in October 2025. Now that the implementation phase agreement has been signed, the project will be entered into SRV’s order backlog for September.

“It is great that we have now got this regionally significant project off the ground in cooperation with Senate Properties. This project will also allow us to take advantage of the expertise we have gained by carrying out security-classified projects for Senate Properties in the past. We delivered the new Hämeenlinna Women’s Prison, the Joensuu Court and Police Building project, and the renovation of the Lappeenranta Police Department. This large-scale project will have a significant impact on local employment already in the construction stage,” says Juha Huhtanen, Regional Director, SRV Northern Finland.

These functions were previously located in different places, and having them all in a single location will yield substantial benefits in terms of operations, logistics and the use of space. The main police station will house the management and administration of the police department, surveillance and response activities, criminal investigation, and the police prison. The new building will also provide premises for the Oulu unit of the National Bureau of Investigation. Oulu Prison will provide space for the detainment of 100 men and women during investigation and custody, as well as juvenile departments. Common areas, such as security checking and meeting facilities, will be located between the police station and prison with indoor connections. The common areas also include a chamber of the District Court where the detainees’ criminal cases will be heard. The total area of the project will be approximately 32,000 square metres (gross).

Clearing and earthworks on the plot began in August. Construction work on the main police station is due to begin in autumn 2022, and the building will be completed by the end of 2024. Construction of the prison will start in spring 2023, with completion scheduled for October 2025. This is a security-classified project.

“The aim is to build healthy and secure premises for the Oulu Police Department and Oulu Prison to support their operations in line with the concepts. The Police Department currently operates in five separate locations and the Oulu Prison is housed in a historical building, whose oldest section was inaugurated in 1885. The Police’s permit services will remain in Oulu city centre when the new police building has been completed,” says Harri Karjula, head of Senate Properties’ development team for Northern Finland.

“The Oulu Main Police Station project is one of five projects underway to build main police stations. This is the first joint project of its kind with the Prison and Probation Service of Finland, so it is a pilot project that will be closely monitored with the aim of carrying out further projects of this type in Finland. The solutions follow the policies on the shared use of premises, as set out in the central government’s premises strategy. The main police station project is the second large main police station under construction in line with the new police building concept. We are very excited about this project, and we are pleased that the construction planning phase has now begun following a long wait,” says Jyrki Wasastjerna, Director of Technology at the National Police Board, whose unit is responsible for the implementation of the project on behalf of the National Police Board.

Special attention will be paid to implementing optimal low-carbon solutions throughout the project. SRV’s construction sites became emission-free as of the beginning of 2022, and Senate Properties has committed itself to the Zero Emission Sites green deal. The joint objective in this project is to reduce the energy consumption and environmental load of the building and ensure the adaptability of the premises. Attention will also be paid to indoor air quality, healthiness of building materials, serviceability and repairability of the building, and the development of waste management.

Senate Properties is the client and developer of the project – the company is responsible for the construction, maintenance and development of the state’s properties and work environments. In its operations, Senate Properties complies with the state’s cost price-based lease system, in which rents are used to cover property investments, maintenance and other related costs.

The architectural firms Uki Arkkitehdit Oy and Lukkaroinen Arkkitehdit Oy are responsible for the main and architectural design of the project.

For further information, please contact:
Juha Huhtanen, Regional Director, SRV Northern Finland, tel. +35840 582 0786,
Heidi Tetteh, Communications manager, SRV, tel. +35840 662 3220,
Harri Karjula, head of development team for Northern Finland, Senate Properties, tel. +358500 584 216,

Image used in the bulletin: Uki Arkkitehdit Oy and Lukkaroinen Arkkitehdit Oy

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