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Real Estate Investors

Real estate often offer investors an interesting investment opportunity, which is commonly valued for its steady rental cash flow and diversification benefits. It’s also usually possible to affect property’s value development with active strategy and expertise.

As one of the leading real estate development and –investment experts in Finland, SRV can offer investors innovative property development and construction services and readymade and pre rented investment opportunities. When needed, SRV can also assist property investor’s decision making on real estate development/investment matters by consulting in for example yield-risk profile analysis and financial arrangements.

In some cases added value may be gained by executing large-scale areal development projects, and in others it may be a question of refining one building by for example changing its usage or by exploiting unused permitted building volume. The aim is always to maintain or improve property’s competitiveness on the market. SRV is also continuously developing new investment opportunities with competitive yield potential to complement real estate investors’ portfolios.

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