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Kalasatama area

Kalasatama is a buzzing urban neighbourhood by the sea in the eastern city centre of Helsinki. At the heart of the area rise Finland’s first skyscrapers taking living, working and shopping to entirely new heights.

At the heart of the fastest growing Helsinki neighbourhood is Finland’s most modern and exciting shopping hub, REDI. With strong emphasis on fashion, culinary trends, entertainment and amenities, REDI is so much more than just a traditional shopping centre. It is a city in a city and the only shopping centre situated right by the sea with direct metro access on the third floor. REDI’s floor plan is strongly influenced by the industrial past of the harbour area.

Despite its urbanity, Kalasatama is nestled in nature and by the sea. It is only steps away from popular recreational destinations such as the Mustikkamaa Island with its beautiful rocks and park areas, and Helsinki Zoo. Greenery is also right there in the centre of Kalasatama – on the roof of REDI you will find Bryga, a public park based on an archipelago theme. The park also highlights the area’s industrial background and fishing. Seagrass, small trees, shrubs and lawn create a peaceful environment for a day out.

When looking for culture, it is definitely worth popping over to the Suvilahti and Teurastamo areas. The former is a unique industrial milieu with spaces for creative workers. There you can admire a hundred-metre-long graffiti wall, stop by a local brewery or take part in the numerous events held in the area, such as the world-famous Flow Festival in August. A short walking distance from the metro station is the former slaughterhouse district of Teurastamo. Today it is known for its many restaurants and as the focal point of culture, events and food offerings.

Moreover, remember to keep your eyes open while walking around in Kalasatama – the appeal of the area is enhanced by displays of environmental art. The public street areas, parks and plazas offer plenty of space for art and events.

Kalasatama apartments and offices



For businesses looking to make a statement, the Horisontti tower offers unique office spaces in Finland’s first office skyscraper.

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