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Financial Objectives

Financial Objectives

The company’s operations are guided by the following long-term financial objectives that it aims to achieve by the end of 2026:

    • Operative operating profit: 6%
    • Revenue: EUR 900 million
    • The objective is to distribute a dividend equalling 30-50 per cent of the annual result, while taking into account the outlook and capital needs of the company

In order to achieve the objective for operative operating profit the company must put the revenue back on a growth track and increase the share of project portfolio accounted for by developer-contracted housing projects, housing and business development projects and lifecycle projects. The company believes that as from 2024, it will be able to dedicate fully to overhauling the portfolio and pursuing growth.

In the market situation the year 2023, the portfolio focuses on project management and alliance projects in business construction – which generate stable earnings. The company believes this will carry it with relatively few risks over 2023, which it expects to be the most difficult year.

Achieving the operative operating profit objective will call for particularly strong project development that generates value in cooperation with cities and customers. The company has a strong project development portfolio for the years ahead and it is working to grow it further.