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SRV in Brief

SRV in Brief

SRV aims to develop and build premises and homes where people enjoy living, working, passing through or spending time. Our strengths are long-term development work and a comprehensive understanding of customers’ needs – things that SRV has done already for over 30 years.

SRV’s business segments are Construction, Investments and Other Operations.

The Construction segment covers property development, housing construction, and business construction which comprises retail, office, logistics and specialised construction, and earthworks and rock construction. Construction encompasses also technical units, procurement, and internal services as well as the capital and plots required for developer-contracted housing production.

The Investments business area consists of both complete and incomplete properties and sites in which SRV is a long-term investor. Plots that SRV will develop itself, and whose expected profits will be generated through development, will also be reported on under Investments. The segment focuses on the management and realisation of the group’s real estate investments and the creation and ownership of new collective investment structures.

The Other Operations segment primarily consists of the parent company, SRV Group Plc’s group operations and property and project development operations.