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Own shares

SRV Group Plc’s share capital is EUR 3.1 million. The share has no nominal value and the number of shares outstanding is 60,499,575. The company has one class of shares. SRV had a total of 7,457 shareholders on 30 September 2017.

The closing price at OMX Helsinki on 30 September 2017 was EUR 4.41 (EUR 4.40 on 30 September 2016, change +0.2%). The highest share price during the review period was EUR 5.74 and the lowest EUR 4.17. At the end of the period, SRV's equity per share excluding the hybrid bond was EUR 4.63. On 30 September 2017, SRV had a market capitalisation of EUR 263 million, excluding the Group’s treasury shares. 4.9 million shares were traded during the review period with a trade volume of EUR 23.5 million.

At the end of September, the Group held 918,599 shares (1.5 per cent of the total number of the company’s shares and votes). During 2017, SRV Group Plc has surrendered 206,476 treasury shares to implement its share-based incentive scheme. 

Q3/2017 Interim Report
Published 26 October 2017

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