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Declaration of Business Transactions

Declaration of business transactions to SRV and the FSA

In line with the market abuse regulation ((EU) No 596/2014, “MAR”), we request that the management of SRV Group Plc (SRV Group Plc’s members of the Board of Directors, President and CEO and CFO) and the persons closely associated with them to comply with the instructions below, by notifying the company of their business transactions involving the financial instruments of SRV Group Plc (or related to it):

Such notifications must be made immediately and no later than three workdays after the business transaction has been completed (T+3).

Instructions for business transaction notifications

  1. Go to and follow the instructions on the page to log on to the online service of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.
  2. Choose “Managers’ Transactions” and fill in the form. Instructions are available at the Finnish FSA’s website
  • Information needed on the form:
    SRV Plc’s Legal Entity Identifier (LEI): 743700GB29FXC0VXF414
    SRV Plc’s ticker symbol: SRV1V
    SRV Plc’s ISIN code: FI4000523675
    A notification reference will be automatically generated on the form (no need to fill in manually)
  1. NOTE:  before sending the online form to the Finnish FSA, it is important  either to copy the information on step “Summary – Show plain language summary” (remember to copy both the Finnish and the English summary) or download a PDF file in order to send the required information also to SRV. Instructions to copy the information and download the PDF are available on the Finnish FSA’s online form.
  1. Send the information on the form to SRV to You may either copy the information to the email or attach the PDF file to the email (see section 3. above).

Please also add your phone number to the e-mail message so that we can contact you if SRV has questions about the notification.

If you encounter any problems, contact the Insider Administration.

Contact information:

Anu Tuomola, SVP, General Counsel
Hannele von Hertzen, Assistant General Counsel, person in charge of insider issues
Satu Valkama, Executive Assistant, person in charge of insider lists
Miia Eloranta, SVP, Communications and Marketing,

SRV Plc will publish the notifications as stock exchange releases immediately after receiving them.

Further information about provisions concerning the business transaction notifications of managers and the persons closely associated with them:

The Financial Supervisory Authority

Nasdaq Helsinki