Authorisation to decide on the acquisition of treasury shares

The Annual General Meeting authorised the Board of Directors to decide on the acquisition of the company’s own shares using the company’s unrestricted equity. The acquisition of shares will reduce the company’s distributable equity.

The Board of Directors is authorised to acquire a maximum of 5,000,000 shares in the company, so that the number of shares acquired on the basis of the authorisation when combined with the shares already owned by the company and its subsidiaries does not at any given time exceed a total of 10% of all shares in the company.

Shares may be acquired in public trading arranged by Nasdaq Helsinki Oy at the market price at the moment of acquisition.

Treasury shares may be acquired otherwise than in proportion to the existing holdings of shareholders. Shares may be acquired in one or several instalments.

Treasury shares can be acquired for use as payment in corporate acquisitions, when the company acquires assets relating to its business, as part of the company’s incentive programmes, or to be otherwise conveyed, held or cancelled. The Board of Directors shall decide on all other terms relating to the acquisition of shares.

The aforementioned authorisation shall be in force for 18 months from the decision of the Annual General Meeting and cancels the authorisation to decide on acquisition of the company’s own shares granted by the Annual General Meeting to the Board of Directors on 20 March 2018.