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Business construction

Whether it be a hotel, a logistics centre, a healthcare facility or an office building, we implement construction flexibly so that the different phases overlap and are completed quickly, if necessary. Success is ensured by our special expertise in project management, design supervision and building systems.

Office premises

The office is the beating heart of the business; it is essential that it enables rapid changes in activity and transforms itself repeatedly. We plan and build offices for businesses, real estate investors and the public sector. Lifecycle-wise construction is the base of our strategy. We create value for our customers through our strong project development and customized location solutions. Our successful projects include for example Wood City (Supercell Headquarters), Finnair Headquarters (House

Horizon Tower

Your goals are set high. Is this your office? Look to the Horizon and reserve unique business premises in Finland’s first office skyscraper. The time to make history is Now.

Retail premises

Effective retail premises attract customer streams and boost trade. We build retail premises that fulfil as well as possible the needs of investors, owners and future end-users. We create new, iconic retail concepts, such as the Kamppi Centre, Ideapark and the Viru Centre. Working closely together with all stakeholders delivers successful results. We build modern, internationally successful retail landmarks from individual stores to shopping centres.

Logistics premises

Well-designed logistics premises enhance a company’s operations, save time and costs, improve traffic flow, shorten driving distances and reduce the adverse environmental impacts of traffic. We have solid experience of the implementation of various logistics premises in both Finland and abroad. We help trade and industry companies to centralise their operations at logistics hubs ranging from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to the Baltic countries.

Healthcare premises

It is important that hospitals remain strong and sturdy when patients are at their weakest. We are a reliable partner in the construction of health care and demanding specialised premises.


In hotel construction, we are a partner and pathfinder whose expertise is based on long-term experience. The best players in the sector receive help from us in economically efficient hotel design, selection of hotel operator and acquisition of necessary special accessories and technology.

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