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Business premises / Commercial premises made to order

Commercial premises made to order

Does your company require new office premises? Or do you want to get more out of your current prem-ises? SRV has almost 30 years of experience in designing and constructing unique office premises.  

Tailoring means designing the existing or new office premises to be as efficient and suitable for your com-pany's changing needs as possible. Tailored targets may include various commercial premises, such as retail, logistics centres, offices and hotels. 

SRV's property development experts are responsible for overall plot management, zoning process man-agement, financial arrangements, plot acquisition, business idea development and cost management. 

Your only job is to pack and unpack your moving boxes.

How we realise your office premises

1. We assess your company's needs

  • Does your company need entirely new commercial premises or is it sufficient to renovate existing property? 
  • Correct tailoring of office space allows all space to be used efficiently. In the best case, this can save your company the trouble of finding new office premises.
  • If your company wants to switch to completely new offices, SRV will help you find new premises and a suitable location.

2. We get acquainted with your company's operations

  • SRV comprehensively assesses your company's needs for office premises by monitoring the current use of space and interviewing your workers.
  • The design process will carefully consider the size of your company and its expansion possibilities.
  • Our 3D tool can be used to visually model the finished look of your commercial premises during the design stage. 

3. Construction begins

  • After the design stage, the construction of new premises or the renovation of old premises will begin. 
  • SRV will keep your company continuously updated on the stages and costs of construction.
  • As a customer, you can be involved in the different stages of construction as much as you want.

4. Cooperation continues

  • After the construction finishes, your company can move to its new premises.
  • Our cooperation does not end here, however: SRV is responsible for the success of the project long after construction, too.

SRV has an excellent record in successfully tailoring office spaces. 

GCT Tahkotie
GCT Tahkotie, constructed in 2012 in the heart of the Aviapolis district of Vantaa, is an excellent example of an office space tailored to specifications right from the beginning. The entity contains two separate logistics structures with a total of 12,000 square metres of rentable premises for storage, production, maintenance and offices. All four different commercial premises were designed to fulfil the business requirements of each user. 

SGN Group
SGN Group's new premises were constructed in the Koivuhaka district of Vantaa in 2008. This project was particularly interesting: the exterior of the logistics structure was quite unusual and its implementation required challenging public utility -related planning. SRV's comprehensive property development know-how has helped us implement the difficult changes and permission processes related to the city plan and public utilities. 

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